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Why we all need to F the Filter - Owning what you’re worth

Many of us go through life feeling like we have nothing valuable to say. That nobody really wants to hear our opinion or will think it’s stupid. 

But deep down, we know that there are worlds of wisdom within us if only we allow ourselves to be seen and heard.

What holds us back the most?


We’ re afraid of rejection, afraid of failure and maybe (if we’ll admit it to ourselves) we don’t feel truly worthy.

For so long we’ve hung our self worth on what others may have thought of us. Many women are taught we tend to be people pleasers and are afraid of offending others or saying the wrong thing.

I did that…


I decided to just F the Filter and start being true to myself. 

Instead of hiding, I pushed through my fear and stopped second guessing everything I said or did.

It was tough at first.

Once I started to to trust myself, I started to  and speak and share my thoughts in courses. in school and cla. I didn’t always feel sure of what to say, but i focused on speaking from a place of personal integrity and perspective. Then an amazing thing happened…

People began to respond to me and sharedtell me how much what I said resonated and even inspired them.!


I… inspired… THEM!?

As a Marriage and family therapist trainee, I knew  empathy was my strength. 

Listening to others and understanding them was what I did every day…

…and I excelled at it.

After a while in my work as a Marriage and family therapist trainee, I began to see a pattern. 

The majority of people I worked with suffered from a lack of confidence and low self worth. Whether it had to do with past trauma or present circumstances, I recognized this block because I also had it myself!

Mine was rooted in my childhood. The cultural values in my home of origin were that women and children should keep quiet. 

That if someone hurt me, I should just lower my head and say nothing. 

Don’t make waves. 

Don’t inconvenience others. 

And that’s exactly how I lived my young life.

I experienced through bullying and toxic relationships that kept me down and prevented me from living the true and full life I wanted.

Life’s too short and too fragile to waste on fear. From then on, I promised myself I’d do what it takes to push through mythe fear and say what I want to say.

I decided to F*ck the filter.!

Until I made the conscious decision to F the filter and let my inner wisdom shine, I continued to live small. 

Sure, I helped some people to work through their issues. But I  knew that I could help so many people to gain confidence in their own worth outside the therapy room.

I became an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist.

LoveableAF was born

Then I veered off the career path of marital and family therapy and decided to become a certified professional co-active coach. 

The moment I decided to live BIG, I was determined to help other women do the same in their lives.! Suddenly, people wanted to hear more of what I had to say. For the first time in my life, I felt like a leader that others looked up to–and it was exhilarating.

I ran workshops and worked with clients 1:1 and kept seeing the same themes come through the different clients I met. But my capacity was met with my personal limit. 

Thus, the Loveable as F now course was born.

I’ m super passionate about creating a community of women who accept themselves for who they are. Who embrace their flaws and see their past as a vital part of the woman they have become today. 

I remember myself as a little girl, alone on the playground. My heart aches remembering her.

But I can love her now. She is a part of me. I wouldn’t be me without her. I wouldn’t be as empathetic and attuned to others’ pain without her.

 I’ve learned to integrate all the not-so-pretty parts of my life into a re-creation of myself today.

And you can too.

Everyone has the potential to be a leader and make a difference in the world. Whether you grew up feeling confident or worthy makes no difference.

With today’s technology, we can create a like-minded community that supports the value of “F the Filter” and be our unique selves fully. This opens up worlds of opportunity for each one of us to make an impact and live fully expressed lives!

Once we are no longer afraid to put ourselves out there, the glass ceiling we built for ourselves with our fears and self-limiting beliefs will shatter forever.

The glass ceiling will have power over you no more. No more limits.

This realization is so F****n liberating!!!

Owning what you’re worth is your responsibility to humanity. 

You’ re here in this world for a reason. 

There’ s something HUGE for you to accomplish. 

And there’s no time to waste!

Life is so damn precious, so fragile.

When you embrace yourself and F the Filter for real, your mind will be blown with the ideas you’ll have for how you want to fully live your life . 

What would you accomplish if you ditched your fears? What would be different there’s nothing holding you back?

What dreams have you not even dared to dream because your were too afraid of disappointment?

My message to you is that life is too short to keep living in a box. 

I don’t believe in the boxes society imposes on us.


Stop accepting an outsider’s limitations as your own.

More importantly, STOP imposing limitations on yourself!

You’re a unique person with endless amounts of worth to share with the world. If you find yourself doubting that and calling BS, find a mentor and a group of people who will tap you on the shoulder and tell you, “You are ok and perfect just the way you are.” People who will give you the encouragement that it’s all going to work out fine in the end.

Because it will.

It must.

We all struggle with fear and a lack of confidence at times. This is totally normal and utterly human. There’s one major difference between people who succeed in re-creating themselves and those who stay stuck.

The ones who achieve their goals feel the fear and do it anyway.

Fear is a sign that BIG things are about to happen. It’s a natural part of the growth process. Embrace it and be determined to leave your comfort zone in order to achieve your goals. The fear will never go away no matter what level you’re in, so you might as well befriend it!

The most successful people in the world suffer from “imposter syndrome”. 

Famous actors and actresses admit to having stage fright after years of performing. Others struggle with feelings of inferiority complex, even with awards and accolades under their belts. 

It’s not about reality. It’s about the way we talk to ourselves and how we view our own worth.

Now that I’ve thrown away the filter to embrace my true self and developed my inner voice and self expression, I’m on a mission to help others to do the same.

My greatest joy is to engage with my community of women who realize that they are Loveable as F*ck, just the way they are. 

They’re loveable AF not for their ravishing good lucks or their accomplishments.

They’re loveable AF for the essence of who they and for their hunger to change the world for the better using their unique talents and personalities. 

I’m building a community of amazing women who are busting out of boxes everywhere to become true leaders.!

If you’d like to be a part of this Loveable as F*ck NOW revolution and re-invent yourself,click the link below to learn how to jump in on this journey.

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Fuck the Filter

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