About Jo Huang

Unconventional? Black sheep? Underdog-turned-superhero? #thatsmyjam

We live in a world that tries to box us in.

A world that tries to “normalize” so they can better understand.

Fuck norms.

Fuck boxes.

Fuck convenience.

“Unique”, “Weird” and “different” light my soul on fire.

I believe  our deepest hurts can become our best tools.

Our struggles can turn into our biggest superpowers.

(If only you’ll let your heart open up again despite the risk of heartache).

I believe open hearts will change our world.

Life is short. Life is fragile.

But you certainly aren’t.

You’re different, aren’t you?

You’ve decided to cut through the bullshit in your life that’s keeping you stuck from the big ass goals you want.

I’ve been there.

I’ve been so SCARED i’d hand-sweat until my looseleaf paper would curl up like a god-damn scroll underneath my hands. (They should call it curly looseleaf syndrome in honor of me, but #fucklabels).

I’ve been so INVISIBLE that someone i went to the same school with for 11 years on a tiny island thought I was a new student when I wore contacts and makeup (#foureyesforever).

I’ve been a NOBODY.


Enough is enough.

Break free. Be bold.

Chase your dream life faster than I race to the store when I’m out of HAAS avocados and Flamin’ Hot Limón  Cheetos.

… Or faster than when I race to my toilet at home when i’ve been too lazy or germaphobic to use the public one. (Hey, i like to #PissInPeace kay? And #atleastiknowwherethosegermscamefrom #JoGermsFTW)

Stop waiting for time to be on your side (it’s always going to be ticking forward).

Your time is now.

my story

Let’s hang out. Find me here!

Wanna know more?

I was born and raised on the tiny island of Guam.

Fun fact: this makes me Guamanian. NOT Guam-ese, Guam-anese, or Guava (that’s a fruit).

To say that I was shy or introverted as a little girl was the biggest understatement.

I didn’t speak.

Fear was my king, and I was its docile servant.

As you can imagine, I was an easy target for bullying since it’s pretty hard to stop bullies with my valiant powers of the silent treatment. *shakes and brandishes invisible light saber at bullies*

Because I didn’t speak in school since pre-k, teachers thought there was something wrong with me. During first grade, they referred me to a psychiatrist. In third grade, the teacher asked if anyone had a portable karaoke machine so they could hear me in class. On top of all this, I struggled in school to stay on task and often lost focus.  I went through life feeling like there was something fucked up about me; I was too slow, too ugly, too quiet, too shy, and not smart enough. Participating in class felt as scary as being forced to sit and have ten needles stabbed in me at the same time. 

They say that children outgrow their habits.   For me, it took a little longer.

During my third year in grad school, my classmates and teachers clapped for me the one time I was bold during a couples therapy demonstration. Bold wasn’t comfortable for me, and it certainly wasn’t my norm. I also remember crying behind my front door and being late to class because I was too anxious to leave the house when the Puerto Rican lady next door was sitting outside smoking her 5th cigarette. Her bright red lipstick would be a matte pink by the time she hit cigarette 3. I can still see her furrowed eyebrows and forehead scrunch lines when she was in a bad mood. Sometimes she was nice, but many times she was extremely angry and lashed out at anyone around her.

My business was the oxygen mask I needed when I was suffocating.

It was through my business that I learned to cultivate and nurture my voice and full self-expression. In the business world, anything fuckin’ goes! I could call my business anything I wanted. I metamorphosed like the very hungry caterpillar.

I tested limits. Little by little, not only did my business grow… I grew.

I went from the girl who was too afraid to order her own 6-pc chicken nugget happy meal at McDonalds to being invited to speak in front of different audiences. I went from $100 paychecks to 5-figure-clients. All without spending a cent on marketing and without a blog or proper website for the first 7 years.


What the actual F?

Stay with me…

My business saved me.

Little Jo never would’ve believed I’d be doing what I’m doing today, inspiring others to shatter the blocks of what holds them back.

I hope my story helps you see that there’s a real and very imperfect human behind these words and glamour photos. 

Here’s a few lessons I’ve learned in living my life and running my business.

☀️ In this world that tells you to stay small and quiet, the world that tells you NOT to rock the boat, YOU were born to stand out and make waves.

☀️ You are here for a very special reason and the painful and shitty events you’ve gone through are the exact reason why YOU are the answer to someone else’s inner battles.

☀️ You are the answer to someone else’s prayers.

☀️ You are their beacon of light; their spark of hope.

It’s my job to make sure that your path is as clear and resistance-free as possible.

I’m so glad you’ve decided to take this step to dig deeper, rather than be comfortable with staying at the surface level.

This is a little taste of what F*CK THE FILTER is about…


extraordinary life




Rando facts about me…

🥑 I’m addicted to fuzzy slippers. 

ADDICTED. As in, I go into fuzzy slipper hyperventilation-withdrawal if I misplace mine and will immediately leave all guests at the party i’m hosting to make house rounds in search of my fuzzies. ALSO i’m suuuuper particular about the sole.

They must have a rubber sole otherwise i burn through them, AND they must be machine washable. And if i forget my fuzzies during a trip? FORGET IT.

It’s the absolute end of the world for me and I will curl up on the bed playing HOT LAVA!!!! by myself with the floor the whole time. Yes, i realize i just spent an entire paragraph talking about fuzzy slippers. But hey! It’s why you’re here!

🥑 I used to love dogs so much, I pretended to be one. For years. I was never allowed to have pets growing up besides fish and the occasional smuggled-in lizard or tadpole from outside. I was so good at playing “puppies”, that i’d win every four-legged race because i’d studied the mechanics of animals so much. 

🥑 Dog obsession point 2: I’d fantasize about little nooks and crannies I could put my fake puppy in. Cubby in closet? check. Empty basket? Check. Cute cardboard box? #alreadythoughtofit. Mysterious crawl spaces? Yep.

🥑 I’m the proud mama of kai and koa, my two rescue dogs. Apparently, not much has changed and they enable me

*no animals were harmed in the making of this photo

🥑 I love Miniatures. Miniature real cooking, miniature furniture, you name it. An ex of mine used to get so irate when i’d ask him to watch youtube videos of miniature cooking with me. “IT”S  soooooo POINTLESS!!!!” He’d yammer on and on… {{{{{{insert hyperlinks to youtube videos of miniature cooking… soooo cute!!!!! }}}}}

News flash. I learned recently that Miniature conventions exist. And there are tons more of other people who love miniature things and squeal at the sight of them. 

🥑 My love for personified avocados and minions knows no bounds. 

🥑 I have random laughing outbursts when I think of something funny, sometimes during the most inappropriate moments. 

🥑 I am wildly imperfect and have completely human moments.

🥑 “No-pants” are the best pants. Next to wunder unders from lululemons. 

🥑 Because of the above-mentioned preferred clothing, I’ve totally missed out on unexpected doorbells/knocks because I was running to put on some pants. Oops.

🥑 My family and I survived one of the biggest supertyphoons in the history of Guam. Typhoon Pongsona. I don’t say this lightly; we could’ve died. Our house was on CNN when they did a segment of the “aftermath” of the island. This is where my spiritual roots come from.

🥑 I should win the master procrastinator award. I almost didn’t get into UCLA (or ANY of the UC’s) because the day the applications were due I had a retreat at the “far” south end of Guam. I planned to write my essay and fill out the application the hour before it was due. Mishaps happened. I’ll save the story for another time. It’s a good one that involves rope, cars, churches, and Mo, my sister from another mister and BFF of 28 years and counting.

🥑 I aim to become the best professional lazy-girl. If there’s a way to do it easier and faster, i’m all for it. That’s how I got through school all these years.

🥑 I’ve struggled with anxiety and depression. It’s been really helpful opening up and talking about the realities of it. I remember being little and having blue days for no reason. I’m not into medication unless there are serious chemical imbalances that threaten one’s life, so this is always a journey for me. It’s taught me that sometimes the tiniest of actions make the biggest difference.

🥑 I used to hate being called sensitive. But now i’m owning that i’m highly sensitive and empathic. It helps me clue in to what my clients and people in my life might be experiencing.

🥑 I hate salad and I think iceberg should die. That pale green color and soggy-crunch. Blegh. Beet salads are a different story though #beetsbyschruteFTW

🥑 I’m a whisky kinda girl

🥑 Resourcefulness and smarts are in my BLOOD. You’ll hear more about the fam bam if you join me on this journey.

🥑 I’m the biggest baby when it comes to needles and scary stories and movies. But i have piercings and dig all things zombies and vampires. I’m a walking oxymoron at times.  Just don’t say the scary G word in front of me otherwise we’re not friends anymore!

🥑 I like to recover and recuperate by myself. Even if I thoroughly enjoy the company I’m with. I’m an introverted extrovert.

🥑 I’m obsessed with Europe and the U.K. There’s something that keeps pulling me back there.

🥑 dirty toilets and bathrooms…sigh. Let’s just not ‘kay?


🥑 You’ll hear me talk about Celine. In 2018, one of my youngest clients died unexpectedly at 24. It left a piece of my heart never the same. She was like a little sister to me. If you’ve ever worked with me 1:1, you’ll understand how I love my clients deeply.

🥑 I like my bananas with a tinge of green, sliced with a knife with every bite. Once they start spotting, they go to my brother or into a banana bread recipe. I can’t stand the texture once they’re “ripe”.

🥑 I don’t know what I’d do without my Roomba. Or my instant pot and air-fryer.

🥑 Clean sheets and fuzzy blankets make everything better. I can’t sleep if my sheets feel grimey.

🥑 I keep a bottle of 95% alcohol spray around because I can’t stand electronics grime.

🥑 If you’ve made it this far, I think you’re pretty fuckin’ awesome.

🥑 Hearty laughs and enthusiastic people warm my heart.

my why. my mission.

It’s not always easy. In fact, most days it’s downright painful. 

I do it for the girl who stayed quiet and felt her pain in her throat.

I do it because.. what if there’s one person in this world who is ME and needs to hear what I have to say.

It’s not always easy. But I do it for HER.

The official stuff

Life’s given me street smarts. But I’ve got book smarts too. Here’s the official stuff, for those of you who care.


For those of you who are using the following as a reason to make excuses why you can’t do that thing you want to do yet, STOP. Lemme tell you – this shit doesn’t matter. At the end of the day, they are pieces of paper that took a helluva a lot of time and money. Do I regret anything? No. Because I live life with no regrets. Except the hideous brown gaucho highwaters I used to wear in college.

Another thing for you to keep in mind is as a Taiwanese American, I grew up in a in a culture and family that valued education. More was better and highly sought after.

Truth: No-one in the 10 years I’ve been working with clients has ever asked me for my credentials. Or a picture of degrees. Or a picture of me (falling asleep) in class.

People will respond when you live and serve from a place of integrity. Your results will speak for you better than any degree or certification will.*

*Unless of course, you’re going into a highly specialized area that requires knowledge in order to serve well… like brain surgery or something. Then yes, please get that degree so you can operate within your scope of practice.

Geek out on the stuff that make my parents proud

Now that I’ve thoroughly exhausted the soapbox on “credentials”, I’m going to lay it all out here for you. I’m using a 🍕 as a reminder that these credentials and educational history are the pepperoni on top of the (pizza) pie. (I never cared for sugar-logged maraschino cherries). It’s been so long since I’ve put together a resume, I’ll do my best to include all the things here.

🍕 I studied Psychology and got an Applied Developmental Psych minor at UCLA. Go Bruins! I was so amazed and the squirrels on campus because we don’t have those on Guam. People were very unamused.

🍕 Wanted to get a PhD in Clinical Psych, but had doubts about whether I could get in. So I applied to 11 master’s programs in Marriage and Family Therapy (then hyperventilated for 2 weeks because I didn’t think I’d get in. I got into all of them. I chose San Diego State University for the quality of their training program.

🍕 Got Pilates Certified at a local studio in San Diego.  Felt that wasn’t enough, so I went and got the “legit” PMA Pilates certification. I felt that it was more prestigious and most of the teachers weren’t PMA certified. Honestly, this was a huge waste of time and money and I learned way too much anatomy for my comfort.  Realized that even though I was really good at it, I hated teaching Pilates and should’ve stayed a student of it. One of my personal mantras is, “just because you love ice cream doesn’t mean you have to open up an ice cream shop Jo!”

🍕 Felt lost because I really wanted to move to Seattle. Did an accelerated course at one of the most prestigious Coaching schools, The Coaches Training Institute (CTI) and pursued certification and took exams necessary. Became a Certified Professional Co-active Coach (CPCC). I DIDN’T NEED THIS CERTIFICATION. But I don’t regret it either because here’s where I started to find my voice and discover how powerful and impactful my presence could be.

🍕 Somewhere along the way, I picked up woo stuff like Feng shui, Reiki, and Angel card reading. I love it and this is more for personal growth than anything else.

🍕 Since then, I’ve gotten certified in at least 3 other coaching schools, I’ve also studied NLP and a bunch of other healing modalities that I can’t be motivated enough to recall because I synthesize all the things I’ve learned over the years into the work I do.

The thing I’m most proud of is that I’ve always had an earn while you learn approach. I knew I could wait forever to be ready, so I jumped straight into working with clients.

The key is just START. Stop telling yourself you’ll only start on your goals when you finish with x, y, or z.

Take imperfect action.

There’s a lot more that I could add to this list but I won’t.

Because this doesn’t matter.

What matters is that you get clear on what you want and you act on it. So get on with it!

You are.. loveable as f*ck

I work with my clients to cut shame & guilt out of their lives.

After working with clients as a coach and Marriage and Family Therapist Associate for over 10 years, I realized that what my clients REALLY needed is universal.


It’s my life’s mission to get you to cut the crap, so you can ditch your fears and live fully.

You are #loveableAFnow

We all are.

My biggest wish? For you to show up fully in life and business.  I am committed to walking my talk.  I’m on the journey beside you.




Fuck the Filter

Jo Huang is a Confidence Coach to
Women Globally

Let’s take over the world 😉